1991-2013 -  cooperation with architects’ firms in Turin: photographic coverage of their works in Italy and in France (historical building restorations and conversions, new museum projects, exhibits’ installations, etc), with publications on specialized architectural magazines.

2013-2010: Photographic coverage of restoration works, new construction   and interior design of  a building firm (Turin)

2009: Photographic coverage  of the new “ MAO, Museum of Oriental Art “ and of its  collections display  (Turin )

2009: Photographic coverage of the installation and display of the international exhibit “Egitto. Tesori sommersi” , curated by Robert Wilson, Castello della Venaria Reale  (Turin).

2008 : Photographic coverage of the new installation and display of the Pinacoteca della  Basilica S.Paolo fuori le Mura, (Rome)

2008: Photographic coverage of the exhibit of interior design  “Casa Décor  08“  4-25 settembre 2008, Palazzo Villa , (Turin)

2008 : Photographic  coverage of the exhibit “Alpi da  scoprire. Arte , Paesaggio, architettura per progettare il futuro “,  Museo Diocesano at  Susa, Exilles Fortress,  Palazzo delle Feste ( Bardonecchia ).

2008: Photographic coverage of the  exhibit “ The Celestial Empire . From the Terracotta Army to the Silk Road”  Museo d’Antichità. (Turin )

2007: Photographic coverage of the exhibit “Afghanistan, i tesori ritrovati”, Museo d’Antichità.(Turin)

2006:  Photographic coverage of the installation “Reflections in stone” by Dante Ferretti, in the Statues Galleries of the Egyptian Museum        (Turin) 

2005: Photographic survey of the restoration works at  Piobesi  Castle (Torino)

2005: Photographic coverage of the exhibit “De fil d’or et d’argent. Mémoires des Miao en Chine »,  Musée d’Arts Asiatiques, Nice (France)

2004. Photographic coverage of the exhibit “Chine, chefs-d’oeuvre du désert. L’art bouddhique  de Dunhuang et la route de la soie:sauvetage d’un  patrimoine », Musée d’Arts Asiatiques, Nice (France)

2004: Photographic coverage of the exhibit “ Le tre vite del papiro di Artemidoro” , Palazzo Bricherasio (Turin)

2003: Accademia Filarmonica and Whist Club: photographic coverage of the XVII century galleries ,iPalazzo Asinari di San Marzano (Turin)

2002: Town of Avigliana (Piedmont): photographic coverage of the mediaeval buildings of the historical downtown.

2001: cooperation in the project of Lost Afghanistan exhibit in Paris (UNESCO): digitalizing of the photographic archive on Afghanistan archaeological and architectural heritage (Bamiyan Buddhas, Herat monuments, Jam minaret, etc.)

2000: CD ROM Drovetti collection at the Egyptian Museum, Turin and at the Louvre: shooting of selected art objects in high resolution and their processing in QTVR; production of QTVR 360 degree photos of historical Museum Gallery and Library in Turin XVIII centuries palaces.

1999: digital photography of the self-portrait of Leonardo da Vinci preserved at the Royal Library in Turin, for scholarly purposes.

1998: photographic and graphic project for the display panels of the exhibit on the Holy Shroud (Turin)

1998: photographic and graphic project for the display panels of the exhibit on the baroque architecture of the historical city of Savigliano (Piedmont, Italy)

2000-1994: cooperation with the Natural History Museum (Turin):
- Photographic survey of selected items from the collections of entomology, zoology, botany, and mineralogy, for publications and scientific purposes of Museum’s curators and scholars
- Photos and graphic projects for the installation and display panels, and photographs for the Catalogue of the following exhibits:
“Hummingbirds”(1999), “Primates”(1997),“Pietre figurate”(1995),
“Amphibia e licheni” (1994)

1998: shooting and digitalizing of the “Curtis Botanical Magazine” 22 volumes (XVIII century)

University professional career

1971-1990 - Department of Archaeology, Turin University: position as responsible for the photogrammetry, and for the topographical and photographical surveys in archaeological excavations and in restoration projects of ancient sites and monuments, and namely:
Yearly expeditions carried out by Centro Scavi di Torino per il Medio Oriente e l’Asia in Jordan (Roman city of Jerash) and Iraq (various sites and monuments, in Baghdad, Babylon, Aqarquf, Mosul, Euphrates Valley and Hamrin)
Extensive survey of the archaeological sites of Agrigento and Selinus (Sicily, Italy) from 1971 to 1987.

Photographic and/or photogrammetric coverage :
UNESCO project in Afghanistan: photographic and photogrammetric surveys of: the mediaeval Citadel of Herat and of the Minaret of Jam (1975)
Temples at Agrigento (Sicily, Italy)
Temples at Selinus (Acropolis, Eastern Hill) (Sicily, Italy)
Photogrammetry of the two statues known as “Riace’s Bronzes” in Rome, finalized to their study and conservation.
Photogrammetry of the Marcus Aurelius bronze statue, removed from Campidoglio to be studied and restored (Rome, the National Institute for Conservation)
Photographic coverage of all the frescoes decorated rooms at the Valentino Royal Castle (XVII century, Turin, Italy)
Roman theatre of Benevagienna (Piedmont, Italy)
Heracles temple (Tivoli, Rome)
Nuragic monuments (Sardinia, Italy)
Historical buildings of XVII and XVIII centuries in Piedmont (Italy): Madama Palace and Carignano Palace, Torino; Royal Castle (now Contemporary Art Museum) at Rivoli (Piemonte); baroque church of St. Philip, Turin; all the historical churches and ecclesiastic premises within Asti province, Piedmont

Published photos

1991: “Let there be light”,Museum, UNESCO magazine , 172, n.4

1994: “Amphibia e licheni” Catalogue of the Exhibit, Natural History Museum, Turin

1995: “Pietre figurate”, Catalogue of the Exhibit, Natural History Museum, Turin

1997: “Primates” Catalogue of the Exhibit, Natural History Museum, Turin

1998: facsimile of  “Curtis Botanical Magazine”, vol.1, and CD-ROM catalogue.

1999: “Hummingbirds” Catalogue of the Exhibit, Natural History Museum

1995-2000: “Collezioni invisibili” series published by Natural History Museum, Turin

2004:  “Nuove luci dall’Abbazia”, Electa (restoration of the Benedictine Abbey of    Novalesa, Piedmont)

2005: Monograph on Turin’s architecture and urban plan, in L’Architettura magazine.

2006: “Il castello di Piobesi,Cronaca di un restauro” , L’artistica Editrice   Savigliano

2007 a: ”Afghanistan, la memoria ritrovata “, photos of the Exhibit Museo Archeologico , Turin, in Exporre magazine, special issue, July  2007

2007 b: “Zanskar. Viaggio nel cuore dell’Himalaya, photos by  Guido Fino, text by  Elisabetta Valtz, Formagrafica editore., Turin §

2007 c: “Il castello di Rivoli “ , in the series  Le grandi  residenze sabaude“,  Monografie di  Umberto Allemandi editore , Turin

2008 a:  “ The Celestial Empire . From the Terracotta Army to the Silk Road” photos of the exhibit at  Museo d’Antichità. (Turin ), Exporre magazine, special issue, September 2008

2008 b: Catalogue of the exhibit  of interior design  “Casa Décor  08“   Palazzo Villa  (Turin) in Architettura d’Interni,  CaD08-Casadecor,” Torino.

2010: fotographs for the chapter “Glicine , mon amour” in E.Accati,  Terrazzi e piccoli giardini, Piazza Editore, Torino

The photos of the works of architect Andrea Bruno: Royal Castle of Rivoli -Contemporary Art Museum, Piedmont; Romain Rolland Museum at Clamecy, France (Mitterrand Foundation); Museum and conference hall in the Lichtenberg Castle, France; Musee de la Corse, in the ancient Fortress at Corte (Corsica, France); University in the ancient Fort Vauban, Nimes (France) are published in specialized magazines, such as ArchiNews, Area, d’A (d’Architectures)

Events and  Exhibits

12.2007–01.2008  Exhibit  of the photos and presentation of the  book “ Zanskar. Viaggio nel cuore dell’Himalaya”!”, Sala Mostre Amarcord,(Sant’Agata Bolognese)

06.2008 Presentation of the book “Zanskar. Viaggio nel cuore dell’Himalaya”, CAI, Sala degli Stemmi,(Turin.)

06.2008 Exhibition  of the photos “Zanskar. Viaggio nel cuore dell’Himalaya”,   Settimana internazionale dell’escursionismo  ( Lanzo Torinese.)

06.2010 Partecipazione a “Letteraltura. International  Festival of mountain, exploration, adventure  literature” (Verbania): presentation of  the book “Zanskar. Trekking in the heart of Himalaya” , with interview by RadioTV Switzerland  and jourmlists 

05.2012  Exhibit “Zanskar. Viaggio nel cuore dell’Himalaya”, Saletta  ex Hotel Londres, Châtillon (Aosta).